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Victoria holds a Licentiate of the Royal Academy of Music (LRAM) in Vocal teaching and currently teaches singing at Kings College London as RAM staff and privately.

"I particularly enjoy the challenge of a constantly changing instrument: the voice. In my teaching practice I endeavour to incorporate various fundamental aspects: vocal production, accurate and idiomatic diction, a strong awareness and exploration of posture derived from Alexander Technique and Pilates, interpretation, strategic practice and learning techniques, audition technique and more. 

Fostering a trusting, safe and fun relationship with my students is at the core of this work for all the above to happen. Bringing out the uniqueness of each voice and seeing students' confidence and enjoyment increase - no matter where they started - is what fuels me to carry on with this work. 

This brings me back to my first point: a constantly changing voice accompanies a constantly changing human behind the sound. I endeavour to keep growing as a teacher alongside my students and questioning my own practice to provide my students with the best training available".

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